Regardless of how the ink ended up on the carpet, the most important thing people need to remember is when dealing with ink stains, there is need to avoid smearing it outwards but rather blot or rub in small movements to keep the stain in the already affected area and also understand the type of ink they are dealing with whether it is water based or permanent ink.

Water-based inks are usually considered temporary since they can dissolve in water. As a result, any form of soaps or detergent can be used in cleaning it off. Permanent ink is non-water based inks as they are not soluble in water. They, therefore, need to be handled with solvent-based agents, for instance, acetone and rubbing alcohol.

Various tips that can help


There are various tips that can help in cleaning ink off a carpet depending on the type of the ink. The first tip to clean water-based inks is the use of detergent. The procedure involves three steps, and the first one is filling a bowl with warm water. Secondly, take a teaspoon the detergent you have for example Persil and mix with the warm water. Lastly, dab the area with the stain with the solution until it disappears.

To remove permanent ink from a carpet, one can use ammonia. This method involves various steps.

First, one should fill a spray bottle with water half full. Using a tablespoon, take ammonia and add to the water. Spray the part of the carpet with the stain form a distance of about 20cm to prevent damage of the pile and then blot using a damp cloth.

The Other most interesting tip is the use of homemade remedies. DIY is a product that is homemade and helps in dealing with stubborn ink stains.

In conclusion, when a carpet has an ink stain, the important things to remember include; being sure of what type of ink they are dealing with and avoiding smearing outwards but instead rub in small movements to ensure that the stain remains in the already affected area.

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